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Garage Springs

Garage Door Springs Perth

Ultimate Garage Doors’ garage door springs service comprises of Perth based highly trained and experienced technicians to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Contact us today to book your schedule.

Garage doors are the largest moving objects in any home. The garage springs facilitate this movement by lifting the heavy garage door hence maintaining balance. For this reason, our garage door spring service ensures the proper installation, maintenance, inspection and safe replacement of your garage door springs. Garage door springs are of two types namely; torsion and extension springs. Torsion springs are found above the closed door while the extension springs are along the tracks.
Why you should not repair your door springs on your own
One of the signs that you need our garage door springs repair and replacement services is when your door becomes too noisy and stubborn to either close or open. Garage door springs operate under a very high tension hence are extremely hazardous for homeowners to repair on their own. In fact, accidents and injuries account for over 20,000 cases annually, including lacerations, broken limbs and death. These have occurred due to improper training and usage of the wrong tools to repair the garage door springs.  A malfunctioning spring may result in an unexpected slam shut of your garage door, injuring anyone in its path. You should, therefore, never attempt to repair a broken door spring on your own.

When it comes to handling your garage door springs, seeking the services of a professional garage door technician is not a recommendation, it is mandatory unless you want to wind up seriously injured or dead. Our garage door spring  professionals are highly trained to deal with different spring types and to employ safe work procedures.
Spring Lifecycle
Well maintained garage door springs usually have a 10, 000 spring cycle, which is about five to seven years. A cycle is equivalent to the opening and closing of your garage door. Therefore, the life cycle of your springs will depend on the number of times you open and close your garage door. This life cycle is also affected by cold weather and rust. For colder climates, having your spring inspected and maintained twice a year is necessary for optimal performance.
Real cases where springs have hurt and killed people
Majority of the reported garage door injuries are due to inexperienced garage door spring technicians who have poorly installed the garage doors or lack the expertise to repair the garage door springs safely. In one instance, a four-year old boy in Canada was killed while playing in a garage with his friend when the garage door slammed unexpectedly on him and trapped his head. Another five-year-old boy sustained multiple injuries and facial lacerations when an automatic garage door closed and opened on him several times. Luckily the incident did not claim his life.

Another woman was crushed to death in 2016 in a car park when an automatic garage door shut on her. In another case, a maintenance mechanic died because of an incorrectly installed garage door. When the victim finished installing the torsion springs, he started testing it to make final adjustments when the door jammed on him and claimed his life.

With the high risks involved with the garage door springs, it is evident that you should seek high-skilled and professional technicians to service your garage door springs. At Ultimate Garage Doors, we value your family’s safety as well as that of our staff. Call our Perth based garage door spring technicians today to arrange a site inspection and non-obligation quote.