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Roller Doors

Roller Door Repairs Perth

Roller doors, just like any other type of garage door require constant repair and maintenance to ensure proper functionality and user safety. With their different moving parts, they tend to wear out and need repair and component replacements from time to time.

These repair services include the replacement, lubrication, and alignment of the doors major component parts. Our roller door repairs Perth service comprises of replacement repairs of the motors, springs, hinges and weather seals. These components are as discussed below:
Replacement of Motors: We replace roller door motors including the openers. Our roller door repairs Perth service comprises lubricating the motors with a silicon lubricant. Our replacement consists of an initial troubleshooting to establish the problem after which our roller door repairs Perth technicians embark on the task of replacing the old motors with new ones and connecting them to the sensor and motor wires and secure them with motor screws.
Replacement of Chains: When it comes to garage doors opening smoothly without creaking or groaning, the chain plays the critical role of connecting your roller door to the gears and rollers. This, therefore, necessitates a proper alignment of the chains. Also, to reduce the rate of wear and tear due to friction, our roller door repairs Perth service comprises a lubrication plan for your chains. Lubrication also ensures the silent operation of your roller door.

Replacement of Hinges: Roller doors have more hinges due to their horizontal slats unlike other types of garage doors. These hinges, therefore, require a constant inspection to ensure they are functional. To ensure they function smoothly, our roller door repairs Perth team of technicians offer lubrication services using silicon spray. For misaligned springs, we do alignment and for the broken hinges, our team performs total replacement with high-quality hinges.
Replacement of Springs: Roller doors have two types of springs: the torsion and extension springs. These springs operate under very high tension and when they break down, they pose a high risk to both people and property. Statistics show an increase in annual cases of injuries and death resulting from roller door breakdowns while others occur during repair. Roller door springs may break down either because of wear and tear or prematurely before their cycle is complete. This, therefore, necessitates replacement and hence the services of our roller door repairs Perth technicians come in handy.

Replacing a spring by yourself isn’t a recommended DIY. Replacement is risky and may result in injury, or even death. At Ultimate Garage Doors, your safety is our priority and we will work to ensure the replacement of your spring in the most secure way. For daily maintenance, we advise you only to wipe the accessible springs with utmost care using an oily rag. This will prevent the springs from clogging with dust hence improving their durability.
Replacement of Weather Seals: Weather seals on your roller door serve to protect your garage door from unfavourable elements including snow, dust, wind, insects and pests. With time, they wear out and need replacement. Our roller door service Perth service comprises of the replacement of your weather seals with high-quality durable ones to ensure your garage remains protected from harmful environmental elements.

Roller doors are a preferred choice for most residential and industrial facility owners. Therefore, maintaining them in good condition is mandatory to ensure the safety of individuals and to save on the cost of replacing the entire garage door. Contact our roller door repairs Perth technicians today to book your repair schedule.