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Garage Door Remotes Perth

Ultimate Garage Doors garage door remotes are the best of quality. Do you need a garage door remote? Contact us today.

Whether you are operating an industrial or home setting, having a garage door remote is a real time saver and one of the most essential conveniences of modern life. Your choice of garage remote is guided by the features including the range, size, durability, number of gates it can operate and whether you can mount the remote on the wall, in addition to other factors. If these are the qualities you are looking for your garage door, Ultimate Garage Doors has a solution for you. Our garage door remotes service comprises of a wide range of styles for you to choose. In addition, our remotes work with most brands, making them the ideal choice for your home. Our garage door remote styles include:
Small: One of our Ultimate Garage Doors remotes that is offered, comes in a small size that is convenient for you to carry. Their small size and ease of use also make it possible for kids to operate the garage door. Despite their small size, they can operate up to four garage gates or doors from just a single unit. To ensure their protection, our garage door remote products have a slide cover that protects them from being pressed accidentally. All you do to operate the remote is slide back the cover to expose the buttons.

Long Range: Our garage door remote products also comprise of long-range remotes which provide solutions to the old garage door that either has a low range or lacks a transmitter. They work with most garage door brands at an operating range of up to 5km with a very low current consumption. Our remotes have a stable and robust frequency which remains operational regardless of natural or human-made electrical interferences. This, therefore, makes them ideal for long range industrial and commercial applications.
Mounted to a wall: This remote style is suitable for homes that have an internal access to the garage. Our garage door remotes comprise of a wireless remote button which you can mount directly either on the wall of your garage or home.  This remote can control multiple garage doors, automatic gates and lights through wireless operation. It does this by transmitting wireless signals to the receiver which relays the message to the switch to turn the device either on or off. It has a frequency of about 433.92 MHz and a Security+ encryption embedded in its transmissions.

With our wall mounted garage door remotes, you do not need to run wires from the wall remote to the lights. Instead, mount your remote on the wall and connect your receiver to the light. In addition, there is no need to remove the remote from the wall to replace the battery.
Dual / Quad door opener: Our garage door remote products also comprise dual door openers having a 2-button design that grants them the ability to operate several gates from a single unit. They have a frequency of 40MHz and a fixed encryption that ensures maximum security of your house and vehicle. They also have a key ring attachment feature that makes them easy to carry by either attaching it to your car keys or backpack.

Therefore, whether you want to buy a new remote or the next time you want to replace your garage door remote, contact our garage door remote technicians. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will pay you a visit and thoroughly examine your garage door, and then make a product recommendation and instruct you on how to operate it. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a site visit and non-obligation quote.


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