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Garage Door Maintenance Perth

Garage Door Maintenance Perth

Looking for garage door contractors that are skilled in garage door maintenance? Perth’s Ultimate Garage Doors can attend your home or business premises and on the same day repair your faulty or broken door so that it functions like new. If you are looking to save money and time – long-term, Ultimate Garage Doors can supply you with a proactive maintenance schedule to keep your garage door in top condition to avoid any future disasters. Rest assured, all the parts supplied by Ultimate Garage Doors have a 1 year warranty and if you require a new motor, all Merlin door motors have 5 year warranties. Contact us today to schedule your garage door maintenance or read on further to find out more about our garage door maintenance, Perth based services.

A garage door is like a motor vehicle, every time you jump in to drive to the shops, to work or to school a bunch of mechanical parts move around creating wear and tear and if these parts are not properly serviced they can break down. If you rely on your garage door to open and close daily for security, we recommend scheduled inspections and servicing by an Ultimate Garage Doors service technician at the same intervals as your vehicle is serviced.

Depending on your garage door’s design, some parts such as springs operate under extremely high tension and if your door is not serviced regularly these parts can become misaligned on one side of your garage door causing a disastrous problems such as a garage door running off its railing (bending critical components). Our proactive garage door servicing consists of scheduled servicing for your garage, ensuring it operates smoothly and quietly at all times.
Garage Door Motor Maintenance:  A garage door motor can exert a force of hundreds of newtons winding back its torsion spring. This power can be fatal if the door becomes misaligned and the spring breaks free contacting a human. What can cause this to occur? A fault with the garage door motor – rusting or corrosion of the chain that holds the full weight of the door. Dust build up or salt build up in coastal areas or water leaks from the roof can cause belt and chain slippage, misaligning the door causing it to bend off its railing.

To ensure the safe and continued operation of your garage door, we recommend our garage door technicians conduct routine checks on all parts of your garage door including chains, belts, motor, levelling, alignment to ensure there are no problems or obstructions on closing or opening.

Garage Door Chain Maintenance: Garage door chains as discussed above are a part of the garage door motor and these are prone to wear and tear. A thorough garage door service will involve a complete inspection, cleaning and lubrication of belts and chains as well as a full chain and belt alignment.
Garage Door Hinge Maintenance: If your door makes squeaking, grinding or squealing sounds when you open or close it, it is a clear sign that your door hinges need cleaning, lubrication or alignment. Garage Door Hinges are under constant wear and tear as your door opens and closes, dust and corrosion can cause a hinge to become bent or misaligned due to friction and force placed on it. To avoid your garage door bouncing off its railing, contact us to schedule a regular maintenance and inspection.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance: Injuries and even fatalities caused by garage door springs have increased in Western Australia as many properties across the state are upgraded from conventional chain and roller doors to high torsion spring, sectional doors. Home owners are completely unaware of the torsion pressure the springs hold, as they try to fix their own garage doors with devastating results. The loss of eyesight,  loss of fingers and huge bruises are the most common results of failed in-home repairs. In short, don’t risk it. It is critical that garage door spring maintenance is carried out by a qualified and experienced professional. Regular inspection, cleaning and lubrication with silicone lubricate will prevent the premature ceasing of the spring coil saving your thousands of dollars long term.

Garage Door Weather Seals: Garage door weather seals aid in keeping dust, rain and creepy crawlies such as spiders, snakes and other pests such as rats and mice out of your garage. Some of the garage door seals we have seen have been incorrectly installed as they are constantly crushed by your garage door if the garage door is not correctly aligned to allow spacing for the seal. Other harsh weather conditions such as high UV sunlight can cause a weather seal to become brittle and break.

In Western Australia, we have an alarmingly high number of venomous creepy crawlies (Redback Spider, Funnel Web, Dugite Snake) so it is our recommendation that a weather seal be installed on every garage door to keep your children and pets safe.