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Garage Motors

Garage Door Motors Perth

At Ultimate Garage Doors, we offer high-quality garage door motors. Call us today to repair or order a new motor for your garage door.

Your home is your sanctuary, away from work and other distractions. You must be able to enjoy some silence and tranquillity. Unfortunately, a bad garage motor can make this impossible. Poor quality motors will creak and groan agonisingly every time you open or close the garage door. At Ultimate Garage Doors, we value your peace of mind. We offer a range of high-quality garage door motors to suit your needs. These include silent models, fast models, cheap models, cyclone-proof models, large door models, batters backup models and energy efficient models.
Silent Models: Our models are equipped with a soft start/stop technology that ensures a smooth and quiet door operation. In addition, our silent garage door motors have a force sensor where for each operation, the monitors adjust the power and force required to operate your garage door. They also have a powerful DC motor and reduction gearbox that ensures a quiet yet powerful operation.
Fast Models: Our garage door motor fast models have a fast operation time of a 13 second opening speed. This minimises the waiting time. This feature also blends with the soft start function, powerful DC motor and adaptive technology of the silent drive. In addition, our fast models have up to 18% remote range which enables you to start opening your garage door from a considerable distance on your approach.

Cheap Models:  Ultimate Garage Doors’ motor models are of high quality with cheap maintenance. This is because of their energy efficiency and adaptive technology. Our models use 75% less standby energy courtesy of their advanced electronic designs. Therefore, while in standby mode, they consume less than 1 watt of electricity saving you the cost of high power bills. Their adaptive technology enables them to adapt to changes in the door spring and hinge operations with respect to weather and age. This technology therefore provides for less maintenance, and more reliable operation as the opener adapts to the door upon activation.

Cyclone Proof Models: Â These garage door motor models are best for automating the cyclone doors in the cyclone-prone areas of Western Australia. With this model, you can power your cyclone, wind rated and heavy custom doors. These models operate from a greater distance and under all environments courtesy of the multi-frequency technology. In addition, our garage door motor cyclone proof models have a 1,200N pulling force with a mass of up to 286kg, a soft start function, a superior DC motor and an adaptive technology that ensures efficient operation.
Large Door Models: Our garage door motor large door models comprise a powerful DC motor that gives it the strength to open the type 2 roller door, hence providing the perfect alternative to manual operation. They have a slow, but steady operating speed that makes them workable even with the old doors. This feature, combined with the soft start and stop functions, ensures the reliable and safe operation of large garage doors.

Batters Backup Models: Our garage door motor backup models comprise an Evercharge battery backup system. This feature enables you to operate your door even in the event of a power outage.

Energy Efficient Models: These models comprise an LED, which ensures energy efficiency by automatically switching on when the door is activated and goes off after two and a half minutes. In addition, the silent drive battery backup comprises a 75% reducing standby energy. While in standby mode, this silent drive, through its advanced electronic design uses less than 1watt of electricity, saving you money but also meeting the toughest energy standards in the world.
Based on the above models, it is evident that you need a good garage door motor to effectively and efficiently operate your garage door. For more information, call us today and book a schedule with our garage door motor  technicians who will advise you accordingly.