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Roller Door Service Perth

Roller Door Service Perth

Ultimate Garage Doors’ roller door service increases the durability of your roller door and saves you money in the long-term. Contact us today to schedule maintenance.

Everyone’s roller doors eventually require a roller door service. Perth based Ultimate Garage Doors have a team of trained professionals capable of tackling any roller door issue, including a door that will not open or close, a door that has become misaligned off its guides or even just a simple clean and lubricate.  Regular servicing of your roller door can actually save you money long term as any faults can be picked up before they cause a major fault such as a burnt out motor or bent guide railing.

Roller door problems seem to appear at the worst times, its always when you are in a rush to get somewhere and it will not open or close. The only way to truly avoid this inconvenience is to have your roller door regularly serviced by a roller door technician.  Ultimate Garage Doors have roller door technicians that are qualified to provide a scheduled servicing and maintenance plan for your roller door.  Items we can look at during a servicing and maintenance plan are: motor related problems, broken springs, and hinges among, chains, lubrication, wear and tear, alignment.
Roller Door Motor Service:  Roller door motors operate at high tension levels and if not correctly serviced there is the potential for injury. Our roller door service technicians will inspect the motors, clean and lubricate them to ensure they function correctly and safely.

Roller Door Chain Service: Larger roller doors use a chain pulley system to raise the door up and down, this chain can become clogged with dust or corroded / rusted. Our technicians thoroughly inspect all roller door chains, followed by a clean and lubricate, this in turn reduces its rate of wear and tear and ensuring proper alignment long term.

Roller Door Hinge Service: Some speciality roller doors are created from a group of horizontal flat slats hinged together. These types of roller doors have many more hinges than conventional roller door types.
Roller Door Spring Service:Most conventional roller doors have a spring inside that winds up tension as the door rolls up. These springs reduce the effort needed to open the door, but they can become corroded if not cleaned and lubricated regularly. Have you tried to open a roller door and its extremely tough? This is usually because the spring inside is corroded or the roller guides are corroded.

Roller Door Weather Seals: To protect your garage, shed or warehouse from dust and wind and rodents you should install a roller door weather seal. If you have noticed over time rain water begins leaking under your roller door, then this means its time to replace your roller door weather seals.

Please contact us today to arrange an appointment for your next Roller Door service.