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Garage Door Installation Perth

Garage Door Installation Perth

Looking for Garage Door installation Perth? Ultimate Garage Doors offers professional door installation services. We guarantee quality while saving you money. Contact us today for a non-obligation quote.

In Perth, hiring a professional garage door installer is the only way to ensure a solid job is done, and your garage door design matches with your home or office design. This applies to both homes and industrial enterprises. Our garage door installation services are unique and in a class of its own. Our service is specially designed to meet our customers’ tastes and preference. These include:
Garage Door Style Selection – Ultimate Garage Doors’ selection of garage door styles includes colour-bond, DecoWood, roller, colorgrain, windowed, and custom doors. We manufacture these doors out of steel, aluminium, and timber. Our colour-bond by Bluescope ensures stylish designs that improve the look and feel of your home. To ensure your family’s safety, our garage door installation experts recommend the Finger-Safe panels.

In regards to the DecoWood garage doors, we have two profiles including the Slimline and Flatline Profiles. DecoWood garage doors comprise a Steel-line range having a timber look and feel with the strength and qualities of steel, giving your home a stylish timber look. Our colorgrain style selection includes a BlueScope colour-bond painted natural wood look. It is available in the New Cedar and Caoba colorgrain tones. For customer specific garage doors, our garage door installation Perth service comprises of high-quality custom doors which fully meet the customer’s preferences. To add to the style and/or prevent dampness, we have windowed garage door styles in both Ranch and Heritage that add to the beauty of your garage.

Garage Door Colours: Our garage door installation services embrace the highest of quality colour-bond colours from Bluescope. In addition, Ultimate Garage Doors also use the TimberCoatKnotwood and the standard B&D Garage door colours which bring out a sleek and classic look for your garage.

Garage Door Opening Styles: Our main garage door installation styles include the roller and tilt. The roller opening style comprises the Roll-a-door, High wind rated roller doors, Firmadoor and Rollmasta garage doors. These doors are specially designed to withstand the harsh climate prevalent in many parts of Western Australia. They come with an aluminium bottom rail to strengthen the bottom panel of the door. At Ultimate Garage Doors, we feature a wide range of steel colour-bond roller door options offering a secure and cost-effective alternative to most Western Australian homeowners. Thus, our door installations comprise low maintenance roller doors with remote control operation hence efficiency. In addition, we install our roller garage doors with a silent drive to add to your door’s safety and silent features. At Ultimate Garage Doors, we also have the tilt garage door styles in case your garage is too small to accommodate either a roller door or cross-sectional garage door. This garage door is friendly and practical to most homes where garages are smaller than average, as it does not compromise on the style. With our tilt garage door installation services, you will bring a sleek and modern look to your home, while ensuring your garage remains ventilated, secure, and durable.

Features of Ultimate Garage Doors’ installation services

Our garage door installation services feature:

Silent Garage Doors: Our doors have strong but quiet hinges designed with composite materials like nylon to ensure silent operation. In addition, for enhanced silent door operation, we use a guide block and roller.

Finger-safe Garage Doors: Our door designs not only protect your family from injury, but also seal out any elements which could ordinarily penetrate a conventional garage door.

Fast Opening Garage Doors: Our doors also have an installed Silent Drive to ensure the silent rolling of your garage door, no matter the size.


Ultimate Garage Doors uses a live booking system to ensure your enquiry is responded to within 3 working hours. BOOK HERE!

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