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Industrial Roller Doors Perth

Industrial Roller Doors Perth

Looking for industrial roller doors? Perth based Ultimate Garage Doors offer all types of industrial high quality roller and garage doors. Contact us today to place your order.

In Western Australia, there is high demand for garage doors, especially for industrial purposes. If you are in the market for an industrial garage door, we recommend talking to one of the professionals at Ultimate Garage Doors. The three most common types of industrial garage doors used in Western Australia are sectional doors, shutter doors, and roller doors. Each of these doors differs in terms of operation, size and other physical features. Below is a detailed breakdown of the features of the three types of industrial garage doors:
Industrial Sectional Doors
Our industrial sectional doors are compromised of a lightweight aluminium with slots that allow for a number of different panel inserts. Industrial sectional doors are built with industrial grade strength as they are typically larger or wider than residential garage doors.

Some of the unique features sectional doors have to offer;

  • Industrial sectional doors can be installed with window panels allowing lighting to enter a dark space.
  • Most Industrial sectional doors have roller bearings that minimize the operational noise, friction and wear and tear.
  • Industrial sectional doors can have a bottom rail fitted with a weather seal to keep the garage moisture and/or dust free.
  • Industrial sectional doors come in different designs and colours including DecoWood and colourbond, plus if you’re chasing fancy styling you can opt for modern steel, wood grain timber and aluminium finishes.
  • Industrial sectional doors almost always automatic, installed with torsion or tension springs however we have completed installs with chain pulleys if this is a requirement of yours.
  • Industrial sectional doors being large and heavy are installed with steel hinges and tracks.
  • Industrial sectional doors are suited to any warehouse, depot or industrial garage where high clearance is required.
Industrial Shutter doors
For light industrial applications, we recommend industrial shutter doors for these reasons;

  • Industrial shutter doors have a standard weather seal.
  • Industrial shutter doors are available in a wide range of colours and designs
  • Industrial shutter doors have torsion springs comprising over 10,000 design cycles with others featuring 20,000 cycles.
  • Industrial shutter doors operate either manually on a guide rope, or are power driven.
  • Industrial shutter doors can have a direct driven motor installed within the drum therefore there is no need for springs.
  • Industrial shutter doors can be comprised of aluminium, steel, and a zinc finish for the bottom rails and curtain.
  • Industrial shutter doors can have custom features including ventilation and personal access gates installed.
  • Industrial shutter doors usually compromised of torsion springs made of steel with a life cycle of up to 20000 cycles.
Industrial Roller Doors
Our industrial roller doors are mainly made of aluminium or steel and are easy to operate. They have been designed for strength and quality and are suitable for most garage types. Our Industrial roller doors include the following features;

  • Our industrial roller doors are available in a 16-colour variety range
  • They are the most affordable garage door type
  • They are fast and easy to install
  • Have minimal operating noise and friction due to the nylon webbing attached on each side of the door curtain. To reduce the noise and friction also, we use the helical springs which contribute to smooth operation of the garage door.
  • Have a reinforced aluminium bottom rail that strengthens the door’s bottom panel hence improving security.
  • Weather seal manufactured from hard and durable PVC to keep the garage dust and moisture free.
  • Roller doors have a door design that freely fits into any shape of the garage opening, be it in between or the front.
  • These doors have one design of horizontal lines available in a variety of colour-bond surface finishes.
  • The operation of roller door is either manual or automated. For manual operation, the spring is instrumental while for automatic operation, we use a garage opener.
Based on the above differences in the garage doors, professional advice is mandatory to ensure you get the right garage door installed for you. Contact Ultimate Garage Doors’ industrial roller door technicians and book your installation today.


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